The Stone Squad

Our expertise in stone products and design comes naturally. We simply love creating beautiful environments — either residential or commercial — by combining lustrous marble, granite or the newest in man-made specialty stone with our quality craftsmanship for a stunning result.

Stone Squad


Brooke Keck is the Co-Owner of Planet Stone and has been with the company since it first began in July 2009. She is a Philadelphia native but has been living in Florida since 1998. Brooke has worked 15 years in the industry on both the importing and fabrication side of projects. She has project-managed everything from multi-unit condo projects, commercial projects, and retail homeowner projects.

Brooke loves assisting clients with our “Plan It with Planet” process by helping with material selections and keeping the customer reasonably within their budget. She keeps things realistic when it comes to material selections and educates the customer about our different varieties of stone and quartz and what is best for their application. According to Brooke, what sets Planet Stone apart is that we educate the customer as to what they are purchasing and setting the level of expectation. Our owners, Brooke & Sherry are hands-on and very involved. In fact, they touch every project.

A note from Brooke-
“Planet Stone does not want to be just another granite shop. We want to be THE granite shop. We want to continue down our path of success by building the company one kitchen at a time, gaining the trust of the public and reaping the rewards of positive feedback and referrals. I feel we have an EXCEPTIONAL team. Everyone works hard and is proud of what they are doing. The Stone Squad takes pride in their finished product we do not just rush our jobs at the expense of quality. I like that everyone has at least several years of experience and we are able to retain our employees for long periods of time. Everyone is asked for their input when it involves their department and everyone’s input is equally important.”

Stone Squad


With 25 years in the field, Gina’s background is full of extensive knowledge in clerical work, administrative support and what it takes to be a welcoming receptionist. Gina has previously lived in Arizona, but has been residing in the Florida for the last 40 years.

Gina plays a large role in helping customers obtain their dream kitchen or bath. She talks with our customers to find out what they want or what their vision is for their home. Gina believes the most important part of her job is making a great first impression. Considering she is the first person new customers come in contact with, she wants her interaction with them to set the tone for the rest of their experience with Planet Stone. For Gina, this part of her job sets the reputation for Planet Stone, and she considers reputation a top priority. That’s why servicing our customers is so important to her.

A note from Gina:
“Our team at Planet Stone has extensive knowledge and compassion for the work we do. We provide great customer service from the beginning of your Planet Stone experience until the final job is complete and in your home. I love our team here at Planet and I love putting a smile on the faces of our customers who walk into our showroom. My goal is to make a positive impact on any customer that visits us, so when they are here, I am making it a better day for them!”

Stone Squad


Working with Planet Stone for 2 years now, Cassondra is an important asset to Planet Stone with many job titles, all just as equally important. A native to the area, with having been here in Florida for 29 years.

Cassondra plays a huge role when it comes to customers getting their dream kitchen. Cassondra makes sure she is following the project every step of the way. She takes care of ordering all the parts needed to complete a customer’s vision and making sure everything is in place for the job to get done. Cassondra is there from the time each job is sold until it is installed. This is what sets Planet Stone apart from the others. Our attention to detail, the company’s extensive knowledge of the business and that each individual working on the project cares about the customers experience and the end result. Cassondra and The Stone Squad practice this on a daily basis.

A note from Cassondra:
“Here at Planet Stone we pay attention to detail to make sure every job here is done correctly and efficiently. Servicing customers is important to me because I want to obtain and keep a loyal customer base. I really like working at Planet Stone because it’s just like working with my friends, since I have known most of my co-workers for several years. I am loving this opportunity to work for a great company like Planet Stone and helping make the world a beautiful place one kitchen at a time.”

Stone Squad


Co-Owner of Planet Stone, Sherry Palazzo is no stranger to running a business. She has been working for Planet Stone since July 2009. Sherry has lived in Florida for the last 30 years and the last 25 have been spent here in Bradenton.

Sherry makes sure that whatever vision our customers have for their kitchen or bath, Planet Stone is able to bring that to life. She loves working with the customers to help make their home their show place. Sherry considers Planet Stone a step above other competitors due to our superior customer service. We truly care for the customers overall experience with our company and the quality of work we provide. Planet Stone strives to be in constant alignment with all our customers needs.

A note from Sherry:
“Here at Planet Stone, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you chose the right company for the job. I feel the most important part of my job is always our customer’s satisfaction. I love the challenge of getting customers through the door and making them believe that Planet Stone is the right fit for their project, big or small! We pride ourselves over the fact that you will be satisfied with the job Planet Stone has done for you. That’s what sets us apart! Our customers always become a part of the Planet Stone family!”

Stone Squad


Hi, I’m John-David and I am the Operations Manager at Planet Stone. Although I grew up in the Mediterranean, I have lived throughout the United States for a large chunk of my life. My unique perspective on different cultures allows me to productively work with people in different circumstances, from different areas and with different desires for their homes. I have been in the Stone business since 2004 and have held a myriad of positions. As Operations Manager, I ensure that all operational aspects of the company run efficiently. Owing to the fact that each project is a custom job with a unique natural touch, every day I experience new challenges. The most critical aspect of my job is aligning the right personnel with the right projects. I am proud to work for a company that is committed to making dreams of natural stone come to fruition. Whether it’s a 30 inch vanity or a 100 square foot kitchen, Planet Stone prioritizes the customer and their needs throughout the entire process.

Stone Squad


Hi I’m Mark and I am a Shop Foreman and CNC Programmer and Operator here at Planet Stone Marble and Granite. I am originally from Ohio but I have been living in Florida for the last 14 years. My industry background includes Stone Fabrication and my favorite part about my job is programming and operating the CNC machine. The most important part of my job is making sure all jobs are done correctly and on time.  What sets Planet Stone apart from their competitors in my opinion is that we are about quality not quantity. Out of all the jobs I have worked Planet Stone has the best work atmosphere, all the employees here are good people.

Stone Squad